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10 Most Beautiful and Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas


Oct 16, 2020
10 Most Beautiful and Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

The 10 most beautiful and modern living room decoration ideas. The living room is a comprehensive look for your home and a place to receive guests. So the most eye-catching decoration of the living room is extremely important. important.

The living room is considered the most important position in the house. Because it is a place to regularly receive guests and for family members to sit together after a tiring working day, to create an impression. For customers we need eye-catching decoration of the living room. If you have no idea for this, please refer to the 10 most beautiful and modern living room decoration ideas in 2020.

10 most beautiful and modern living room decoration ideas in 2020

The living room of each house will have its own characteristics and characteristics. For example, the living room of the tube house is limited in area. We need to arrange the interior neatly. The living room of the level 4 house needs to be furnished simple, not fussy, …

Decorative tube house living room

The biggest limitation of the tube house’s living room is the area.So when arranging the interior of the living room. We need to choose compact items, limit the use of large interiors. The already cramped living room is now even cramped.

In addition, when decorating the living room of the home. Homeowners need to pay special attention to color, use colors that are quite prominent to create a sense of spaciousness instead of using dark colors as the room. more dark, uncomfortable.

In terms of living room furniture, homeowners can use smart, multi-purpose interior decorations such as television shelves, wall shelves to take advantage of the space above, making the area below can be spacious, more comfortable.

The characteristic of the tube house is that the deeper you go inside the house. The narrower the area is, so if possible. The homeowner should use decorative plants in the living room to filter the air and create a sense of relaxation more airy and cool space.

Decorate the living room at home level 4

The feature of the 4th grade living room is simple, not picky and not too monotonous. So when decorating the 4th level living room. The homeowner should pay attention not to decorate too much. The decor around the room takes away the inherent rustic look of these style-designed houses.

In terms of color, usually the area of ​​level 4 houses fluctuates at about 100m2 so the spaces are very spacious. Especially the living room, so you can comfortably decorate and use colors as you like. If you pursue the The rustic, true nature of the countryside. The homeowner can use light yellow as the background color for the room and use wooden or imitation wood furniture to make the space more harmonious.

In terms of living room furniture, it is best for the homeowner to only arrange the necessary furniture for daily life such as television shelves, sofa sets, a few decorative green pots that will help reduce the space. tune.

Decorate the living room of the apartment

Apartment living rooms often have a relatively limited area and the rooms are often close together. So it is difficult to decorate, to make the space more spacious. Homeowners should remove some doors and walls to Space is less pressing, cramped. We can use the living room and kitchen together, separate them with a thin partition to create privacy.

In terms of living room furniture, homeowners should use the most compact sofa possible, just enough for family members to use and arrange in a reasonable location. So use many decorative shelves to avoid the space below is tidy and tidy.

The color of the living room should be selected with a little prominent color to create a sense of spaciousness and airy, appropriate colors such as white, light yellow, light pink, …

Modern living room decoration

You want to decorate the living room in a modern style, first of all. The homeowner needs to use a prominent, bright paint color and limit the use of dark furniture, which loses the modern look of the room. Many LED lights decorate the space more impressively. Besides, the interior must also be neatly arranged, not fussy and cumbersome.

In terms of living room furniture, homeowners should choose bright-colored sofas such as gray, white. Because this is the main furniture in the living room, other furniture when combined should also choose. The colors are in harmony, consistent with the overall.

A picture placed right behind the sofa will also bring the homeowner’s special personality. If you are an art lover, choose an art deco right behind the sofa will help create the best point good.

Classic living room decoration

Classic living room décor is also chosen by many families, if your room is relatively spacious, pursue this unique style.

The main colors of the classic style are neutral tones such as brown, earth yellow, emerald green. But the paint in the room should be brown or earthy to reduce the darkness if using too much color. dark.

The furniture in the living room should also pursue the classic style, the sofa’s design. The tea table also need to be carefully selected. Everything must be in harmony with each other for the room to create a unique quality me.

In addition, the interior accessories used for decoration also need to integrate with the whole of the room. For example a vinyl player, an antique television, classical chandelier …

Minimalistic living room decor

Currently, many young people love the minimalist design style, with outstanding advantages such as low cost, easy to decorate and not outdated.

Colors in the minimalistic living room include a background color as the main theme for the room. A color that supports the background color and an accent color for the room and only stops at 3 colors, without adding or removing.

In terms of living room furniture , when pursuing a minimalist style, the owner usually only uses the essential furniture in the living room. While decorative furniture is very limited, if you pay attention to the apartments. Minimalist living rooms often use geometry to make the space impressive.

Natural light also plays a very important role in minimal design. Design multiple windows so that natural light can be combined with furniture to create an eye-catching space and remember “Less is more”.

Vintage living room decoration

Vintage living room décor has also emerged recently. The core element of this style is the color of the interior, usually the designers will choose Pastel colors to create an impression. New and unique sense of space.

In addition, interior colors also play an important role in this design style. It is possible to use wood floors with a slightly neutral color to enhance the vintage style and the style of the sofa, shelf. Television, tea table also need to be unique, a bit nostalgic a little.

Decorative Nordic living room

When decorating the living room in Nordic style, homeowners need to pay attention to how to use their colors. The color tones that show this style are gentle and delicate tones such as white, gray, and blue.

If you love outstanding color tones, buy furniture with playful tones to make the space more vivid. But when arranging the interior of the living room must be really clever, arranged scientifically to ensure that convenience in the room.

Wooden floor is a criterion that homeowners need to meet if pursuing this style, can use light wooden floors to make the living room more lively.

Neoclassical living room decoration

The neoclassical living room décor is favored by many for the elegance and nobility it brings. The core of this element comes from the luxurious royal interiors.

The motifs of the classical style are always elaborate and sophisticated. When entering the neoclassical living room, you will be overwhelmed by the impressive elegance of this style, due to the cost of construction. This living room is quite expensive so it is very picky.

Items such as sofas , TV shelves, ceilings, and floors all exude a noble, solemn look that few design styles have.

Principle of arranging and decorating standard living room

To decorate a beautiful living room, in the short term, the owner needs to accurately calculate and measure the area of ​​his living room and prioritize the use of compact items, suitable for the living room area, and in harmony with Overall and in accordance with the style that I have built before, as follows:

Choose the right direction to the living room

When planning the design and decoration of the living room, the homeowner should pay attention to the direction of the door accordingly. Take a little space between the two doors to make the room cool and wide. and also a premise for you to arrange furniture in the most suitable way.

Specifically, if you have chosen the best suitable path, you should arrange the sofa facing the door. When the sofa is arranged in its correct position, the rest of the furniture should just take the sofa set as a focus to decorate the rest of the living room.

Accurately measure the area of ​​the living room

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, when you grasp the area of ​​the living room, the decoration will be extremely convenient and easy. When measuring the area you need to pay attention to the aisle in the room. Specifically the area the aisle will fluctuate at 55cm – 60cm and this is also the distance between the furniture that you intend to decorate in the room. In the process of measuring the area of ​​the room you should always calculate that you will buy the What items to decorate the living room and where to place them, giving the appropriate area so that when put in, it is not cramped, enhancing the aesthetics of the room.

Choose a suitable living room furniture

You should choose basic and useful furniture in the living room. Do not decorate too many furniture items that are easy to waste and lose the aesthetics of the room, basic furniture must be in the living room. as:

Sofa set

Sofa set : is a must-have furniture in the living room, no matter what style of living room you are pursuing. But you must equip yourself with a sofa set, maybe it is a sofa single for living room is limited in area, corner sofa for spacious and luxurious living room or 2, 3-seat sofa for modern living room.

Living room TV shelf

Living room TV shelf : is the second basic furniture that must be in your living room. TV shelves are diverse in designs and sizes, so you can easily choose a shelf like that at Fitin. TV shelves can be arranged near, opposite or in the most convenient position compared to the sofa for more convenience when viewing.

Pictures and frames

Pictures and frames : are decorative items in the room, not necessarily, but a picture will not take up too much space, so Fitin encourages you to decorate a few pictures around the sofa or TV shelf to the space is more eye-catching than you.

Decorative lights

Decorative lights : is an essential item that provides light for the whole room. Besides choosing the right decorative lamp, you need to pay attention to the light of the lamp, for example if you are pursuing a modern style. Need to equip yourself with decorative white light to adorn the modern painting of the room. In addition you are pursuing the classic style, the golden light will make the space elegant and luxurious. more.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves: for living rooms with limited area such as apartments, tube houses. It is best to equip yourself with a few wall shelves to help save space and decorate the living room eyes than with a few green pots or souvenir photos.

Carpeting floor

Carpeting floor: The carpet will make the living room more formal, help keep the overall clean and bring a bit of aesthetics to the room if the homeowner chooses a carpet that is in harmony with the whole.

All of the above items when choosing to buy should be aware of the size of the room. If you do not have experience in this field, you can consult a team of architects from Fitin to make the room captured. eye more.

No matter what style of interior design you are pursuing. But for the time being, the room must be neat, tidy and create a sense of spaciousness for the user.

Choosing the feng-shui interior layout

After selecting the basic furniture in the living room. The next step is to arrange them appropriately, whether you believe in feng shui or not but “good abstinence”, please decorate the living room according to feng shui is as follows:

  • People of the Fate : should arrange the furniture in the direction of the West or the Northwest that will bring luck and fortune to the owner. In addition, the owner should use furniture with pink, gray, yellow or lam.
  • The Moc people : should give priority to interior items facing the East or Southeast to bring wealth to the homeowner, and use wooden furniture and colors such as black, blue.
  • The Fate of the people : it is suitable for the North. So it is necessary to arrange the interior in this direction, at the same time use the black tone as the mainstay for interior items and hang pictures of the aquatic theme such as ink paintings, paintings. sailboat,..
  • People of the Fire : should choose furniture with the main colors of green, red, or orange, and prioritize wood furniture and arrange them in the south, which will bring many luck in life.
  • The Tho : suitable for the Northeast and Southwest direction and similar colors such as yellow, red, and pink, and should decorate gems in the living room to bring energy to the homeowner.

Many people often think that when decorating the living room according to feng shui will be a barrier for the selection and layout. But now with high skills, the architect has prepared for themselves the most practical plans. for each owner in accordance with feng shui but still eye-catching.

Consider choosing more trees to decorate the living room

For living rooms with limited area, you should use more trees to provide more oxygen and filter the air in the room, and decorate the living room more eye-catching. If only decorated with mini trees such as Cactus, honeysuckle, betel nut, narcissus, you can use more wall shelves. But if you choose large-sized plants, it is best to choose a corner of the room to decorate to reduce the the weight of the room.

Arrange sofa and TV shelf very reasonably

Two pieces of furniture with the largest size in the living room will determine the harmony of the overall room. So when decorating the living room, in addition to choosing the size of the sofa and TV shelf that is suitable for the area. The room, the arrangement of them properly will also help the living room airy and much more spacious.

In feng shui, the air circulation in the house is an important factor. Luck is also from here, bad luck is also from here. So you need to arrange these two items so that the aisle is spacious. Good air is circulated and bad luck comes from here, bringing luck and fortune to the homeowner.

Choose the right color and material

In addition to using feng-shui factors to choose colors for the living room to be more impressive. The selection of suitable color tones is also very important, as follows:

  • Floor color : the floor should choose a dark or dark color and choose a material that is not too slippery, dry, choose marble with pattern or simply equip yourself with wooden floors to solve. It is a matter of color and material.
  • Wall color : above, we should prioritize light, light and light tones to dispel the feeling of cramped, cramped. If you pursue a classic style you should still use relatively bright colors. A little to bring elegance and modernity to your living room.
  • Interior color: should be based on the color of the wall and floor to choose the appropriate interior. The same material if it is spacious financially, it is best to use wood as the main material to add more space.

Create a balance and harmony between decorative items

No matter what style you choose for your living room, But if you want to decorate a beautiful living room, you must first be neat and tidy. The decorations in the room must be in harmony and balance with each other. size, height.

For example, if you arrange large, oversized furniture in one corner and other compact items in the opposite. Adjacent corner will make the living room space become unbalance, poor aesthetics. Therefore, when choosing decorative items for the living room, you should retrofit decorative cabinets and arrange them cluttered. But must base on their height and size to complement each other harmoniously.

Light in the room

When decorating the living room, many homeowners often ignore this factor. So designing an almost self-contained room. This design is not beautiful in that it is too cramped, creating a sense of urgency, cramped and special. Moreover, it affects a lot of health, in terms of feng shui. It is even worse because the air is not circulating in the house, affecting the homeowner.

Therefore, when designing the living room, you need to design at least 2 windows to catch natural light and allow the air to circulate to create a cool and bright feeling to make the room cool, wide. more widely.

Don’t forget your ceiling

Usually, when designing the ceiling, the architects will prioritize choosing for themselves plaster panels on which. There are patterns to accentuate, agree that when decorating the ceiling in this style is very beautiful with your ceiling conditions must be very high. If it is too low, feng shui is not good, but heavy plaster with pattern will inhibit the prosperity of the house.

However, nowadays, technology is increasingly developing, if your ceiling is too low. Architects will design in a way that makes the ceiling higher by raising the central ceiling array to the remaining edges. again, it will lower down to form a depression at the top to create a sense of highness and airy for the homeowner. The material is still plastered but reduces the pattern and texture on the ceiling.