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Do Baby Walkers Scratch Hardwood Floors?


Nov 20, 2020
Do Baby Walkers Scratch Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors look so nice and elegant besides our home interior, but our babies who are walking may be at great risk. Most of the parents are facing some challenges in looking for the best baby walker for hardwood floors to entertain their babies in keeping safe and also with minimal to zero risks.

Hardwood floors, the name says how it looks; it implies a very hard surface, this flooring is very slippery compared to normal floors, and also especially for the newly finished houses. A baby who is still learning to walk with the help of a walker may be at risk, and the environment also more dangerous. So, as a parent, we need to be more conscious while buying the walker for our little ones.

If you are looking for a baby walker for hardwood floors, choose the best baby walker for hardwood floors. The baby walkers are very hard plastic wheels, and also the wheels are fully wrapped in soft rubber. They wrap the entire wheel with rubber.

It gives a great grip for the babies in the walker, and also it serves the protection from damage caused by the baby walker to the hardwood floors. Not only the rubber protection will protect you from scratching the floor but also we need to make sure that the baby walker you are going to purchase should have some outstanding features in it.

Do Baby Walkers Scratch Hardwood Floors

Requirements of best baby walker

Materials Used

Materials used for these hardwood floors are very challenging because these floors are very tricky and sometimes very slippery too. So, the suitable material for these hardwood floors is ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell material. This ABS is a thermoplastic polymer typically used for injection molding applications. So this substance would be great for making the best baby walker for hardwood floors.

Safety Measures

The parents should be very conscious of their child’s safety. So before buying any product, they will ensure the safety features. The first thing that comes into the parent’s mind is that the baby walker should entertain the baby to the best and it should not be slippery on the hardwood floors. So, the safety measures should add the controlling speed, non-slippery wheels, and seating arrangements in a baby walker.

Do Baby Walkers Scratch Hardwood Floors

Comfortable for Babies Weight and Height

The baby walker should be very comfortable for the babies to move around freely. Again, the parents should choose the best baby walker that suits their babies. Not all babies are the same, some babies maybe a little more weight and height compared to other babies. If we buy a light walker for a healthy baby, there are a lot of chances that the baby may fall. So, buy a baby walker, with options to adjust the seat and also height, which makes your baby much more comfortable.

Longevity of Use

As we all know, we use the baby walkers for the crawling babies, not for the walking babies. So we can use the baby walker for some specific months. For example, If we buy a baby walker for a 6 months baby, initially that baby will sit, and later like the 8th month or 9th month, they will start moving around all the rooms at home. So when a baby grows, the walker also has the feature to grow like a baby. So these are the advantages of the baby walker for the longevity of use.

Built-in Toys

This requirement is very important for the baby walker because most of the time babies spend their time in the walker by moving around all the places at home. Sometimes, they feel bored walking around with the walker, so if the walker has some built-in toys, the baby will enjoy playing with the toys and moving around happily. If the baby is happy, then it needs nothing much more for the parents, they feel proud of watching their baby happy.


The baby walker needs to remain stable. Baby walkers should move around all the places at home, sometimes the baby pushes the walker on one side, the baby walker should balance in that situation, to avoid the danger. Stability should assure that the baby should fall less while learning to walk. And also the baby walker should have good weight itself so it carries the baby safely and moves around.

Do Baby Walkers Scratch Hardwood Floors

Comfort and Washable Seat

Parents should ensure that their baby is comfortable with the baby walker. Need to check for the excellent quality, comfort seat with padded or not, and also the seat cover is washable or not. As a parent, we are much more concerned about our baby hygiene, so it is better if we choose a washable seat.


While choosing the baby walker, the parents need to focus on the versatile usage of the baby walker. As we mentioned, in this article earlier, the baby walker should have more features like built-in toys, grow with babies, increase or decrease the height. You can see the baby walkers in different sizes with all features and toys shaped walkers in delicate colors.


When coming back to price, it is the major factor for most of the parents. Parents always need to give the best for their kids, but the price also will play a vital role here to buy the baby walker. So, the parent’s thinking is that they need to buy the best baby walker for the baby with all the features at a reasonable price.


In conclusion, buying the baby walker should fulfill all the features as we mentioned earlier in this article. As a parent, we wish to give the best product for our baby to entertain all the time when they are bored. And the parents are worried about the hardwood floors because these floors are very slippery, and some baby walkers may scratch the hardwood floors and it may cause danger for the baby to fall. So before buying the baby walkers put the checklist of all the features and buy the best baby walkers for hardwood floors. Hope this article gives you good clarity to buy the best baby walkers for hardwood floors.