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Experience in Choosing a Baby Seat


Oct 16, 2020
Experience in Choosing a Baby Seat

Children who can sit is an extremely important skill. If parents skip this stage, their language development will be worse than other babies. There are many types of baby seat on the market today. Have parents chosen a suitable chair for their child yet. This article will help you choose a baby seat that is both safe and helpful for your child’s development.

Months Baby Using A Seat

Most children learn to sit alone for a period of 4-8 months. That is when the baby can master the skill, keeping the head up. By the 8th month, about 90% of babies can sit for a few seconds without help.

Child’s symptoms month by month

  • 4th month: The baby’s head muscles and neck muscles are quite strong at this time. At this stage, the baby can hold his head up high and hold his head when pulling. When the baby can do it, the baby will be very interested in the act of using the arm to lift the body.
  • 5th month: Children can sit by themselves without help from adults. Your baby will practice balancing the body by leaning the body slightly forward, one or two hands will be on the floor. But in order to ensure the safety of children, parents should observe more children in case of falls and falls.
  • Months 7-8: Babies have learned how to balance their bodies to help them sit firmly. Your baby will be very hyperactive, her hands will swing and grasp what they can reach.

Should Buy A Seat Or Let Your Baby Sit Naturally

If let the baby sit naturally, it is very good . But if parents spend a lot of time for their children enough time to observe their children 24/24, there is no need to buy a chair to practice sitting for the child, buying a chair is very wasteful. In fact, parents are very busy, don’t think being a housewife is not. Letting go of one is really tiring . Mothers should buy a chair to sit at home so that the baby can sit automatically, but the mother needs to follow. Doing so helps the child’s spine be stronger.

Criteria for Choosing a Child’s Seat

  • Friendly material

Baby skin is very sensitive and allergic. So the seats that are slightly selected must have safety materials that do not affect the child’s skin. Choose a chair made of fabric, steam or plastic. Air seats must now be light and easy to move. For plastic chairs, mothers should pay attention that the edges must be designed with rounded edges so that the baby will not cause damage to the baby.

  • Funny, Cute Shape

Children’s eyes love to focus on lovely and colorful objects. This way the baby will prefer and want to sit in the chair.

  • Smart Design

When buying a child seat, parents should choose a chair suitable for the child’s physique and age. It’s best to do a thorough research before buying or consulting the seller. The chair must be designed to hug the baby to be well ventilated to help the child sit for a long time without being stuck, especially the buttocks. The chair should have a soft backrest to help protect the muscles and bones, and the right leg room is comfortable. The sitting position of the chair should be sunken to have a secure bay handle for the baby’s safety.

Benefits of Using Baby Airstones

  • Help for the Formatting of the Bone Frame Later : When the baby is sitting in the exercise chair, it helps to keep the bones in a straight position, which helps to support the child’s skeletal muscles. Adjusting your sitting position helps your baby to limit back curvature.
  • Do Not Worry Your Baby Falls : The location is concave, so it is very stable to help balance gravity. So keep balance without falling forward. The back has a place to help the baby sit comfortably.
  • Language development: When babies can sit. Parents can sit in front of the baby. This can make eye contact and direct attention. You should do things that your child can imitate improving hand-eye contact. Imitation is also the foundation for early language development for children.