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Experience of Choosing a Carpet for Your Baby


Nov 6, 2020
Experience of Choosing a Carpet for Your Baby
The floor mat is an extremely soft item, so baby rugs will help protect small knees when they practice crawling, protecting them from direct impacts with hard floors when running and playing. . The article below, Royhome Floor wants to share to help mothers experience to choose the safe floor mats for their children.

First, choose a soft carpet

The most outstanding feature of carpets is its softness. It is this softness that helps protect your baby from direct impacts with hard and cold floors. If your baby is learning to crawl, learning to walk with a mat will help protect his knees, limbs, and reduce pain when he falls to the floor. So when choosing to buy carpeting for children, the first factor you need to consider is the softness of the carpet.
A soft mat also has an added effect of keeping warm in winter, this allows your child to be able to play comfortably on the floor without fear of cold.
Currently there are many types of carpets with different materials, prices, sizes for you to choose from to suit the conditions and needs of use. You can choose a large carpet covering the bedroom or a rug with a small area enough space for children to play. You can choose carpets made of natural or synthetic fibers that are very smooth and hold good heat if conditions permit. If not, colorful rubber rugs or foam carpets are also an ideal choice because of their versatility, ease of use, and cheapness.
Experience of Choosing a Carpet for Your Baby

Second is to choose carpets made from safe materials

Most of the furniture and construction materials contain volatile organic compounds that have negative effects on human health, especially children. Therefore, when choosing furniture in general and carpets for children in particular, you should pay attention to choosing the materials with the least impact.
The plate floor mats are made from natural fibers safe and hypoallergenic than the carpets woven from synthetic fibers. Industrially manufactured rugs will more or less contain volatile organic compounds, especially inexpensive rugs. The first and most direct effect is the unpleasant odor on the carpet and there are many other invisible harm that we do not see but they still affect us every day. Do not regret money, choose the best quality rugs to protect the health of your angels.
One thing you need to do with newly purchased rugs is to clean them once before using them. With small rugs, you can wash or dry them in the sun. But if they are big rugs, after spreading them on the floor, please open all windows and doors to completely “escape”, can be cleaned through a turn before using.

Third, find a rug that can be easily cleaned

One thing that is obvious and you must accept when using carpeting in a children’s room is to regularly clean the carpet. In children’s daily play activities, it is inevitable that stains from toys, food, dirt stains, paint colors, expensive even waste when the child goes to the toilet, line to the carpet. Therefore, a rug that can be easily cleaned is your next choice.
With these rugs, you will not spend too much time, effort or “go crazy” when cleaning the carpet. Thanks to the special compounds that are coated on the carpet, you can easily clean them with just a few tips that Divanni interior has sent you in the article “6 simple tips to help you clean the carpet” , or with specialized cleaning chemicals and of course indispensable a vacuum cleaner.
Experience of Choosing a Carpet for Your Baby

Finally, choose to buy a rug that is durable

With a rug in the bedroom, you are not asking for too much durability but other spaces. However, when choosing to buy carpeting for your baby, you still need to pay attention to this issue to be able to ensure that your rug remains beautiful after a long time of use and is definitely an investment. worthy.
Besides the above factors, do not ignore the aesthetic factor. Choose carpets to match your baby’s room décor. Usually baby rugs are in bright colors. With foam carpets or rubber mats, in addition to color, you can choose from lovely funny drawings suitable for each child’s age.