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Nature Inspired Monograms


Sep 7, 2010
Nature Inspired Monograms

I made these for my wedding to cover up an ugly door and I’ve gotten a few comments about them so I decided to show you how to do it. Perfect in a sunroom or on hanging on room doors!

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Grab some dried twigs (I get the straight ones from Michaels) and assortment of dried flowers.  Create your letter with the twigs first using floral wire to tie them together. If you are doing a “loopy” letter,  bend the twigs a few times to loosen them up before you tie them together.Nature Inspired MonogramsThen start decorating with your dried florals- just stick a few here and there.  I wrapped copper wire (Michael’s floral section) at the top and bottom for decorations. I also used the copper wire on the top to create a hook.